Most Underrated Riders of All-Time

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Valv.Piti said:
burning said:
GuyIncognito said:
People keep referencing that. Is it true the forum was actually down with so many posting about it?
Nah, people kept posting after Levi's win. You can find the reactions here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14095&hilit=suisse&start=380

But my favorite part about this race is this post:

Waterloo Sunrise said:
Froome for a top 5 and world tour point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This dude is a huge Cav fan and he was excited about the possibility of GB bringing another rider to the WC in Copenhagen. It turns out that Froome did not get any WT points in Switzerland, but he got a lot of WT points later in the year during some race in Spain.
Haha, great post!
Heh my reaction speaks volumes there

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Leipheimer wins the Tour de Suisse :rolleyes:
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Hugo Koblet said:
Frankschleck said:
Red Rick said:
Damiano Cunego. A Giro win, a triple winner in Il Lombardia. Winner of the Amstel Gold. 2nd at the Worlds. The Italian Valverde if you will, apart from the fact that he peaked at 22.

He seems like a relic from a bygone era, but he's still riding for the next 6 weeks.
Agreed. Man i miss the old Cunego. My saddest moment watching cycling, was him losing to leiphemer in the Tour de Suisse.
On the other hand though, that was one of the most hilarious threads on this forum.
I was just lurking here back then. I loved it