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New Danish WT race for 2025: Copenhagen Sprint

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but but but... why?
Just cashing in on the current Danish cycling hype thanks to Vingegaard (and partly Pedersen etc.).
Similar to how Hamburg cyclassics rose to prominence when Ullrich boosted the race from nowhere to one of the 10 most relevant one day races.

The race itself will be shite but I think it will gather big crowds which is the only thing sponsors care about.
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Plenty and plenty, we do have some nice areas. For example a race on in Aalborg like the national championships would be a great addition to the calender, obviously Vejle, and some other nice routes you could go. But its a money problem, and Copenhagen can pay and is the capital and have all these fancy places they want to show on the TV that not a single living soul actually cares about, so theres that.
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