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Looks great but I hope Astana's kit will look completely different next year because if it stays more or less the same they'll look almost identical.
Had exactly the same thought as Alexandre when I saw the shirt. It's kinda nice though.

Agree that hopefully Astana dismisses this year's look and goes for full light blue again. Or at least lets it fade into yellow instead of black.
Sep 11, 2017
Like it!
As Movistar still uses the green besides this new blue colour after their brand refresh I hope they'll continue to use green helmets though.
How will they hide Spanish champion's stripes in it?

Are they claiming that it was designed to reflect the two shades of blue in the old Reynolds' kit, or that it is a happy coincidence that Telefonica changed Movistar the phone company to something similar?

Armchair cyclist said:
How will they hide Spanish champion's stripes in it?
The black bottom of the shirt will change to the colours of the respective country. :eek:

Now that I think of it, since we are talking about Movistar, I wouldn't discard that option.
Feb 23, 2014

luckyboy said:
Eh. Would be alright if it wasn't a complete rip of Astana.

The company rebranded to white but the old green M would be better too

Did you add the green or is that the way it will look?

I do like the jersey outside of the peleton. We'll see how it compares to others.
Dimension Data - less boring than last year but not particularly notable.
Movistar - probable contender for best WT jersey. The only problem is the ombre/shading effect, which is cheesy.

It appears that EF-Drapac (Cannondale) may be going for a lurid pink argyle, which could be amazing.


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