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A day of stupid gimmicks and publicity stunts then.

Qhubeka make an ugly Burberry kit sponsored by some crypto exchange which will obviously leave in a year or two, Alpecin-Fenix make a jersey to wear for one hour, Bahrain made a jersey which they're selling as an NFT 'to raise awareness of obesity'...
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In comparing Qhubeka to the original jersey, I find the new one better. Not a huge differencnce but a bit more interesting.
That white-ish BV jersey won't be worn. I like the ones they have, so no loss there.
I still can't get over that mismatched kit with the red shorts. Why?
WVA is resplendent.
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No matter what Bahrain is going to wear, I hope Mohoric will get a different champion's kit. There's no need to have the flag be so small, when they can use the whole jersey like on Colbrelli's. But of course the federation has to approve it, and that was apparently hard enough for Roglic to achieve.
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