New Jerseys - 2023 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

I think the press conference yesterday for the relaunch of Bardiani CSF – Faizanè with the prefix (and additional sponsor?) Green Project gives the excuse for the annual reboot of this topic, the new jersey (or prototype of it) essentially being the reversal of the colours on their current kit. Presumably they will do something more subtle and embodying Italian sartorial flair with the sponsor names rather than an ugly white box by the time of the first race next year.

PS I have retained the traditional title for the thread, but what are tricots and tenues?
A new Chilean Conti level team. They probably won't feature much in our pages, but there's not much else to put in this thread yet...
Sick, hope it goes well for them. There was a pretty decent scene there several years ago but when Arriagada got busted, Clos de Pirque pulled out and then Juan Pablo Pino ran off with the money after setting up PinoRoad which would have had European race calendar options with some of the riders bought off of Euskaltel's yard sale, the bottom fell out.
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