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New Jerseys - 2024 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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I honestly don't get it: why?

Do these things really sell in commercially relevant amounts? I very rarely see replica kits of current/recent teams (and suspect that most I do see are Chinese knock-offs), and never these one-offs. Roadside crowds are not all wearing team colours like football fans do. Who will become aware of EF as an education company through this that is not already aware of them already through the sponsorship?

This might not be the best example to go off on this rant: it is part of launch of a Rapha Flandrian range, but on the whole: why?

That said, it might be my favourite EF kit, because I have never liked any of the previous ones one little bit.

Well the daft thing with most team kits is they actually don't make it that easy to buy, it's alot better than it was 10 years ago. But still it's not easy and you don't even get replica kit sometimes. Like Maap with Lifeplus Wahoo have done a whole capsule range inspired by the team jersey, but don't actually sell the team jersey.

So it can't be commercially orientated decision, in fact Rapha are one of the worst for producing team kits you can buy, so even though I really like what they've done here for EF, even if I wanted to buy it and could afford the megabucks of the Flandrian range (210 for shorts 180 for a jersey) there's no guarantee they'll even sell it anyway.
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Looks great for summer weather...

I really like it tbh. I was hoping it would be very similar to their F1 designs & this seems to be so.

Also, there will be a very easy to see visual difference at the front of the bunch on the climbs etc. between the white UAE riders, yellow Jumbos (Visma but it's funnier to call them Jumbo) & dark navy blue Red Bulls.
Sorry this guy is only doing copy and paste and Not checking the source or producing own stuff, so the possibility is very high that is Not Even close (Boss is no Sponsor, the speci logo which is turned upside down and so on)
Boss are a Red Bull partner though so much so they thought their junior F1 team were going to be called Red Bull Boss or Boss F1, in the end Visa clearly paid more and Boss ended up as a clothing partner for the team instead.

It would absolutely align though that RB might link their existing partners through their cycling team.

Saying all that though :) Iam skeptical about it so kind of agree really I think it's one of those fake fan made sponsor renderings you often get sports thesedays
So, Arkea are gonna wear some special jerseys for Tro-Bro-Leon (celebrating 20 years anniversary for the team, and 40 years anniversary for the race):


These are not gonna stay white...