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New Jerseys - 2024 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Blue and golden:


It reminds me of Astana's jersey last year.

Blue again :D

Assuming that the Red Bull jersey will also be blue, the following GC contenders will wear blue at the TdF: Soudal, Lidl, RB, Visma.
Of course like 19 other teams wear blue in addition.

Only GC contenders not wearing blue: INEOS, UAE
….the will shine bright. Their sponsors will love it!
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The jersey looks good but it's ANOTHER freaking jersey that is dominated by blue (and white). So annoying trying to distinguish all these in quick situations.
It's even worse if you're watching live along the road, I was at the Giro this year at a mountain stage and it was a mess. You have riders in your sight for about 10-20 seconds and they all look the same.
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I don't know what percentage of 'yellow' is tolerated in the Tour but the solution was always staring them in the face for this season anyway (post Jumbo): the color of bees, aka black & yellow stripes.

Maybe with thicker black lines & just a few narrow yellow stripes. They like to call themselves killer bees so why not? The whole renaissance design meanwhile is straight-up pomposity. Probably worse than last year's ride your dreams stuff (with AI Jonas child & his American accent).
I personally like it, Vismas jersey, still due to the ornamented nature i understand on why a modern eye could complain about things like lacking nothingness. That is not being exactly minimal or flat ... predominant design. On the other hand and if they will struggle then they can always say something like well, it's a bunch of grandmas on the bike anyway.

P.S. As for the statue symbolism, already cracking. Still i like it and hopefully more teams takes this aspect as seriously in the future, as Visma does.