New Posts vs What's New

Many threads do not appear in the "New Posts" tab (which is still ridiculously achronological), although they do appear in the "What's New" tab.

What is the reason that the "New Posts" tab is so selective? By what criteria are threads selected to either be included or excluded from it? and what is the basis of the ordering there. It is the update tool promoted by default in the side panel, but it is on an algorithm that defies logic.

I know the Tour of Turkey is not the most prestigious of races, but it seems daft that posts in that thread on the day it starts are made difficult to find.
Thanks for sharing your experience, but that just deepens the mystery: Is there anyone out there involved in the configuration of the forum who can explain (or better still correct) what is going on.

I reported this in the very early days of the new forum, and it is no better now than it was then.
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