Question New to Cycling, Looking for ear protection.


Feb 20, 2020
Hell all, I have a nice road bike, going back and forth to work with it, However, I have very bad Tinnitus in both my ears, and the wind rushing past them during my bike ride Really aggravates it and it's almost debilitating. I bought a headband, but the material is not think enough and doesn't block all the wind.
Just for information, it's not that the wind is going IN my ear, or else I would just wear earplugs or something, but the wind rushing past my ears vibrates them and aggrivates it.
Thank you for any help!
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Never tried them, but maybe adding some cat-ears to your helmet straps would help?

I have something similar to this headband. It covers the ears. The wind while riding hurts my ears so I wear the headband regardless of how warm it is to protect my ears.
I currently use a 3 tiered Christmas tree looking ear piece on my noise canceling headphones. Pretty effective. I am trying to establish a better routine for cleaning. I have found that during really hot days when my head,helmet and hair get sweaty that I have to adjust( push in) the headphones.
Here is one guys recipe for noise canceling foam inserts. You may want to go from cheap to expensive because 99% of products don't anticipate that you are heavily exercising and that that activity has your ears exposed to wind and other elements @40mph on occasion..if you are lucky.!

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Nov 3, 2020
Thank you for sharing the question, might be the things I will need in future as well, I will also watch the recommendations. :D


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