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newdesign of Cyclingnes website

Jul 5, 2009
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Hi -
I have a couple of negatives to say about the new design.
1. I don't like the new font.
2. In the Live Report, if one reads pages while the race is still onging (i.e. before the race is over) somehow in the redesign, you have made the Next Page feature on the top of the page. One has to scroll upwards, after reading individual pages (reading while the race is still going on) in order to click on the next page. This is NOT an improvement from the old Cycling New Format, where after reading a page one could click on the next page at the bottom of the page.
3. Live Report feature - after the race is over- there are those of us without a cable TV, those who have not actually seen or heard the day's race report or results. Why the heck is the Live Report now reversed in order? It used start at the time of the race and end with the end of the race. Now you have the order reversed. It is irritating to go to the bottom of the report and scroll upwards/backwards.