I don't know if there's a thread for this already. What are some of the best nicknames for riders? "Spartacus" was a good one. "Il Pirata" was another. "The Cannibal" was perfect. "Tornado Tom" was another. "El Pistolero" was a cool name. etc
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I’ve honestly loved “Thor Hushovd the God of Thunder” and his 2010 Tour stage 3 win. The call of him being the god of Thunder and the chest pound when he is crossing the line equals perfect. If he had won the final stage that would have been epic as well with the “Thor Hushovd is he going to pull off the big surprise” before being passed by Cav and Petacchi.

Ivan Basso and Denis Menchov with the Smiling and Silent Assassin are also good, especially when they were at their best.

Not a nickname but sublighting as; Matt, Goss, Matt Goss, Matthew Goss, Matty Goss, and everyone’s favorite Matthew Harley Goss. Go through the whole stage and could hear his name called different ways.

Manx Missile, Ale Jet, Cuddles, Der Kaiser, Klödi, Balaverde, Il Piccolo Principe and The Gorilla are also my favorites.

Manx Missle and Ale Jet because of how fast they were/are.
Cuddles from the softer Australian side who you think you could beat up on but has a spicy side.
Der Kaiser since he was the boss and thought to be the new emperor on the scene at that time :(
Klödi because come on who doesn’t like it, am I right @gregrowlerson.
Balaverde because he was a bullet, that’s how fast he could be. Funny Movistar never had green though.
Il Piccolo Principe because Italy thought they had their next young prince to take on the cycling world.
The Gorilla because he was a beast of a sprinter and man. Probably the only sprinter you didn’t want to mess with, ask Chavanel

Here's an old thread:

Riders and their nicknames | Cyclingnews Forum

Toby - of all people - remembered about it, and reviwed it.

That bit about a potential nickname for Rodenberg? Downvoted!
Don’t do the homie like that :tearsofjoy:
Tim Declerq - The Tractor
Tony Martin - The Panzerwagon
Gotta credit the workhorses.
Sylvain Chavanel - La Machine