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No information about photos

Nov 24, 2009
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I don't know if this comment has been made before or not. Cyclingnews is now frequently using pictures from races in news articles which are not directly related to the article, with no information about what is shown in the photo. An example is the Nov. 24 2009 story about Haimar Zubeldia going to Radio Shack. There are two photos of Zubeldia racing, but no indication about what the race is. Would it be so hard to include in the caption what race the photo was taken at?

I am a long time Cyclingnews reader but this is my first forum post. I know that the coders at Cyclingnews spent a lot of time coming up with the new site, and that it certainly looks sexier than the old one, but the site has become more about flash than substance. I'm looking for information, and it seems that isn't Cyclingnews' goal anymore.