No Katusha

And a license for Saxo. So all Contador fans can hold their panties dry

As of 2nd November, the UCI had registered in the first division the teams already holding a current UCI WorldTour licence and whose applications satisfied the registration conditions set out in the UCI regulations.

The following teams were concerned:
Astana Pro Team
BMC Racing Team
Lampre – Merida
Omega Pharma – Quick Step Cycling Team
Sky Procycling
Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
Movistar Team (UCI decision of 16 November)

In accordance with the UCI regulations, the Licences Commission was requested by the UCI administration to adjudicate on the refusal to register as well as the issuing of the UCI WorldTour licence to applying teams.
As a result of the hearings held on 19, 21, 22, 28 November and 7 December, the Licences Commission has issued a UCI WorldTour licence to the following teams:
AG2R La Mondiale 2013-2016
Euskaltel Euskadi 2013-2016
Former Rabobank 2013-2014
Garmin Sharp 2013-2014
Team Argos–Shimano 2013-2016
Team Saxo – Tinkoff 2013-2014

Finally, the Licences Commission has granted registration for the 2013 season to the following teams:
Lotto Belisol
The request from the team Katusha for registration in first division has been rejected.

In accordance with UCI regulations, this team’s application has been forwarded to the UCI administration, so that the latter may assess the possibility of registering this team as a UCI Professional Continental Team.
The full list of UCI Professional Continental Teams registered for 2013 will be announced at a later date.
Sep 12, 2009
Apparently the team have not been told why yet.

"maybe it wasn't the best idea to put Ekimov in charge of team in midst of USADA revelations" dogs & cycling via Twitter.
Jan 11, 2010
Also interesting that Rabobank got a 2 year license. What are they going to do with it in 2014?

The UCI probably got some advance information about the Mantova investigation regarding Katusha.
Feb 15, 2011
How in the world did this happen?!?! I'm so confused :confused: :confused: :confused: but other than like 5 riders Katusha isn't that exciting of racers!
Sep 12, 2009
Is there any way out of the contract because they didnt make it or not.

Thinking like the Meersman situation or is this now too late ?
Jul 16, 2010
jens_attacks said:
lol. not

you know mcquaid has no chance to stay at uci when even the mighty russians want his head. that's all what is about. the russians left the ship
Tinkov was never found of Katusha, maybe he has something to do with this.
Jun 11, 2009
weren't RusVelo removed from some races earlier this season and some theorised that it could be due to a link with katusha??

Am I making this up?
Sergi López-Egea
"El despido del manager Holtcer de Katusha e informaciones pasadas por este a UCI sobre irregularidades financieras ha sido la causa exclusion"

Apperently firing Holczer and financial irregularities are the cause.
the Inner Ring @inrng
"For those suggesting Katusha rejected over ethics, UCI says team can still apply for second division licence which suggests smaller problems

Sergi López-Egea @sergi_lopezegea
"El despido del manager Holczer de Katusha e informaciones pasadas por este a UCI sobre irregularidades financieras ha sido la causa exclusion"

Apperently firing Holczer and financial irregularities are the cause.
May 11, 2009
trevim said:
So the UCI invents a stupid World Tour league and then keeps the former winner from it? Genius.
I would like to see the WT eliminated - let race organizers decide which teams to invite. Teams could still be ranked based on their results.


Nov 12, 2012
Unexpected, but won't harm them that much.
Vuelta certain, Giro probable, Spanish week calendar certain, Northern spring campaign - harmless, Tour - painful loss.
Although I'm not sure how ambitious they'd be in the Tour. Late stage, if nothing else.
lol @ UCI.

Katusha doesn't know why they are denied, but we tell everyone they got denied WT license and will inform Katusha later this week.

What a bunch of amateurish idiots sit at the office of the UCI.
This is terrible for Katusha, who have great structure, money of course and a good team. It must be doping related, but even if it could be JROD for example wouldn't riders like Menchov and Moreno still have enough points?