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No stage 8 thread? You aussies out drinkin' already?

auscyclefan94 said:
I have never seen .us in my life so i stand by my comment about .com:eek:

The reason why americans typically do not use the official ".us" is that initially it was restricted. Everyone got around it by simply registering ".com" names. By the time the restrictions were lifted, it was expected that all "serious" domain names were ".com" names. Thus in America a ".us" name is not sought after, which is unlike the attitude in many other country about their own official country domain names.
Mar 18, 2009
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Most australians wouldn't be drinking just yet....nothing to celebrate or comiserate just yet, still along way to go. They will be like me, catching up on sleep, and all the other things that have gone by the wayside to watch the cycling....also those that have young kids are probably at the local sporting oval with their kids for saturday sport.

Anyway, I think there will be a few gin and tonics while I watch the race tonight, apparently it is starting at 8pm for us, which I am sure will be filled with 2.5 hours of crap we don't want to see anyway.