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Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives

I don’t want to get to involved in your domestic issues, Americans (we in Britian signed an agreement to abstain from this back in the 18th century) but we may be seeing the president taking a leaf out of the book of the recently elected party here, which has had real success in painting itself as pro cycling. The current pm, while leader of the opposition used to cycle to work with his briefcase in the car behind (and got caught going through red traffic lights) while the mayor saved a woman from muggers while cycling past. Its good to be seen as pro cycling. As a result millions are now being spent on promoting cycling and cycling superhighways (aka painting lines next to roads) etc.

But despite this, no real improvements have been made. I think anyone who wants to learn how money on cycling should be spent need look no further than Warsaw Poland which has some of the best cycling facilities in the world scattered around the city.
Jan 27, 2010
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Attitude is key, and existing facilities count for a lot. Belgium and France, for example, have both, and Warsaw had the chance to rebuild and made some good choices.

UK was starting from a very low base on both - the main thing we have going for us is a good network of quiet country lanes, but most cities were designed long before cars.

even compared with that, USA is starting from a far, far lower base - most Americans are very resistant even to the idea of walking to the local shop, in my experience. it is going to take decades to change that sort of attitude, and i don't think the will is generally there. at least the space is there to build cycle paths etc.
Dec 18, 2009
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Good points, I went to the US twice, and when i told people I don't have a drivers license (and I'm 23) they thought I was mad as a ferret sausage. And some places you truly were crippled if you didn't have a car.