Teams & Riders Offical Wout Van Aert isn't a Belgian Pozzato?

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What is “toe curling”?

…and although I know almost nothing about Zwarte Piet it sure seems like a character that will have a hard time surviving for the next decades (note! That’s a probabilistic assessment, not a subjective one). Unlike Van Aert who is being more popular by each race. Has he ever had a better lead up to the Cyclocross World Championships than this time?
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I was thinking more... "Setting the stone in motion with your toes".
You'd break your foot doing that, not just a toe!

Maybe that's how toe curling started.

  • Flora! Flora! Y'll nae guess what Hector's gone and doon! He's gone and kicked a curling stone w' his foot and he's broken fer toes! And they all turned black and fell off!
  • Have y' tried shoving the fallen off toes down the ice, Rory? It could be a whole new sport. Toe curling,