Teams & Riders Offical Wout Van Aert isn't a Belgian Pozzato?

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Van Aert has been superb in this Tour of Britain, let's hope that he can hold this shape all the way until Paris Roubaix.
Good post.

That‘s exactly what I was thinking.

Somehow, the situation reminds me of the spring 2021. Van Aert was extremely strong in Tirreno - then, in the RVV, he missed one or two percent.

This time, he is extremely good in Tour of Britain - hope, he can keep this shape until Roubaix... Fingers crossed...
What a beast, like shooting fish in a barrel. Go for Gold!

When will this odd thread title be changed?! It's frankly baffling to have the best current rider with a super weird reference to another CX rider in the title.
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