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Oh no! Not another Wordle spin-off!

Someone has found 1700 cyclists with 5 letter surnames, and have created a Wordle variant on which only those 1700 names are in the dictionary.

The grid doesn't seem to paste here: I got it in 5.

Jeez, I already have my daily Wordle, Quordle, Worldle and Nerdle curriculum...
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More than one rider of the same name?

How many Unzues are there?
If you go to the "previous guesses list", it frequently lists several riders under the same name:

Bikle #4: Luzia, Beat and Markus ZBERG (SUI, 1970, 1971, 1974).
Three siblings from Altdorf, Switzerland. All of them represented their country at the Olympic Games.

Bikle #28: Erik and Rick ZABEL (GER, 1970, 1993).
Father and son, both professionals. Erik won more than 200 races in his career.

And then there's this:

Bikle #32: Juraj SAGAN (SVK, 1988).
Winner of 4 Slovakian Road Championships.

We all know Juraj is the important Sagan.

(And recently they have just stopped updating the list.)
Unless they're counting Enrique Sanz as also being an Unzué from his maternal surname (he's Eusebio's nephew) then it isn't a matter of picking two riders with the same name. There's also a Basque junior women's rider called Lourdes Unzué but since she hasn't done any UCI-accredited racing yet I wouldn't expect her to be in their database.
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