Olympics 2021

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Cycling, women's road race, Mens Madison, women's omnium. Pole vaulting,weight lifting both sexes..especially German and Filipinos..wresting and martial arts both sexes..I had to real time study to try and find out the scoring for martial arts..
I enjoyed lots of events..from what I read I was one of a few thousand people watching world wide. NBC did everything they could to make it impossible to watch. The over the top cheer American athletes undeserving was bad. You tube and Claro sports network saved what little opportunity there was..
I don't see the Olympics business model working for another @20 years
Then they also did everything they could to make it the least user friendly program/app possible. I'm one of those odd people who prefer men's gymnastics to women's due to just liking the apparatus they use better. They hardly showed any of that and again mostly the Americans. Um, why didn't we see all of the Russian, Chinese and Japanese men compete? Trying to find the indoor volleyball games instead of the beach ones wasn't easy either.
Aug 13, 2021
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