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One step closer to a "dope-free" (or positive-free) Tour

Zerak-Tul said:
"One step closer to a "dope-free" (or positive-free) Tour"

Tour? The article says 95 tests for Paris-Nice, not the Tour

Um, yes, I realize that. That's why it's "one step closer". The next step will be applying the same logic to all ASO events on French soil, including the Tour.


In keeping with his comments of last year..

McQuaid told Reuters: "At this point in time I haven't heard of any positive tests at this year's Tour de France or that we're checking samples to confirm positives.

"It's looking like the Tour de France will not have any positive tests for a number of years. I think that's a big step forward for cycling."

I'm still shocked at the guy's hubris/stupidity.



The Not so Wayback Machine

Remember back in 2007? World Championships were in Stuttgart... Paolo Bettini refused to sign the anti-doing pledge.... German organizers wanted to ban him from the race. Speaking up for the UCI crusade against doping and the integrity of the World Championships Paddy McQuaid himself said, "Italy loves cycling, and the UCI loves Italy!"

Priorities could not have been clearer. As the saying goes, " You gotta dance with the one who brung you...", to the dance that is