Owners of 'filthy' pharmacy arrested

Dec 7, 2010
Not directly related to sports and PEDs, but a sobering look inside a Pharmacy Gone Bad, and just how dangerous and destructive low standards can be.

Just imagine what goes on in more hidden corners of the world. :eek:

Owners of pharmacy tied to deadly outbreak arrested

New England Compounding Center Inc
Fourteen people have been charged in the case of a Framingham compounding pharmacy company that has been blamed for sending tainted drugs across the country that killed dozens of people, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz said that the case was an “unprecedented national tragedy” that affected over 750 people in 20 different states and killed at least 64 people.
“Production and profit were prioritized over safety,” she said, describing the company as having “filthy conditions” and its labs as “thoroughly contaminated.”
Kimberly Dougherty, an attorney who represents 100 patients and their families who were affected by the fungal meningitis outbreak that arose from the tainted drugs, said outside the courthouse that one of her clients had died an agonizing death two weeks ago.

Contaminated steroid injections blamed for meningitis outbreak

Compounding pharmacies in the US are simple terrible.

The only time I have used one was to get an appropriate dose of medication for my cat. No way in heck would I take anything prepared there or give it to my daughter.