Oxyclean Classic Brugge - De Panne: They're Cleaning With Air Now! (24th and 25th Mar)

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All that talk about who will be Jumbo's main man, and then they don't have either one of them in the top ten!

Steppers and Bennett just head and shoulders above everyone else.
Lmao. To be fair, I never said one of those two were legit contenders for today. We were just discussing who's the main man for bunch sprints.

With that being said, JV was abysmal today in getting either of their quick guys in the right position, so they never even got a fair chance.
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Yeah, it was fun last year, though, and I don't think the chances are 95 %. If there is just a small wind, gaps will be created in De Moeren. But without any wind, there is not much point in the race.
The wind was about 18kmh and cross to cross tail. As I said before the race, possibly not strong enough to split the race. But as others said, any wind in the right direction in De Moeren can split the field.
It seemed to me only Lotto were interested in splitting it though, so nothing happened. Too many teams invested in the sprint finish, and the Steppers having Bennett there pretty much decided the finish we got.
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