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Paris-Nice 2024, March 3-10

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Pedersen is going to launch Skjelmose. I don't think he has any intention to try to stay with Skjelmose in the final to get a shot at the leader's jersey.
But Pedersen is a stronger finisher then Skjelmose. And Skjelmose will lose at most 3 to 4 seconds on Pedersen (and therefore also extra on Roglic and Evenepoel). I never believe that Skjelmose will end up so close behind Roglic and/or Evenepoel in the final standings. So I would choose to give Pedersen the opportunity to become leader, even if only for a day.
Google translation:
"We want to win. But there are at least ten more of them here, already on the first stage there was a feeling that he wanted to win 200 of them," says Primož Roglič, who is competing in the Paris-Nice race for the first time in the jersey of the Bora Hansgrohe team. And he admits that he is not quite used to the new colors yet.

But unless there is some Slovenian idiomatic phrase at play here, I have no idea what that is meant to mean.
It's a bad translation by Google, of course... I can see how it happened as Slovenian grammar has a thing called "hidden subject" - concept, too hard for the translation algorithm to grasp I see :)

Anyway, the correct translation would be: "We want to win. But there's at least ten more of those (who want to win) and already in the first stage, one got the impression 200 hundred (of them) want a win".

Edit: Now that I actually tried to translate, I can understand Google's confusion :)
From the Rules Book ARTICLE 16. Team Time trial
For stage 3, which is a team time trial, the teams shall set off at 4-minute intervals in reverse order of the general team classification after stage 2, except for the team of the leader of the general individual classification, which shall start last. The stage classification for each team is based on the time taken on the first rider to cross the finish line. Real times are applied to the general individual classification as follows: - the time of the first rider of each team shall be awarded to all riders finishing in the same time; and - slower riders shall be credited with their actual times. However, riders who finish outside the time limits set in the rules (30%) are disqualified. Once the first team has set off, training is forbidden on the course. No more than 2 team vehicles can follow each team. The following vehicles must remain at least 25 m behind the last rider on the team. In accordance with Article 2.6.028 of the UCI Regulations, in the case of a duly noted fall, puncture or mechanical incident beyond the red triangle in a team time trial stage, the rider or riders involved shall be credited with the time of the teammate(s) in whose company he was/they were riding at the moment of the incident. Transponders are mandatory in the team time trial stage.