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Paris - Roubaix 2024, one day monument, April 7

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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFe6EAaNamo&t=10715s

The year was 2015 and things were different;
- Brakes were rim
- Shoes were yellow
- Wiggins was a favorite (!)
- Tyres were tubs 25-30 mm
- Speed was slow(er) (2024: 47,8 km/h vs 2015: 43,5 km7h)
- Motorcycle drafting was hilarious
- Break away was let up +6:00, yet...
- Peloton kept it together almost into the velodrome
- Degenkolb was there (and still is)

....things were definitely different, for good and for bad.
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