Passing out while cycling

Dec 28, 2019
I have had this problem recently when I passed out while cycling and broke my shoulder and a rib. It happened during a morning group ride. I got this buzzing sensation in my head and then i blacked out . I woke up in the emergency room. I had my head and heart checked out and the results were all good . The docs said " it could be one of those thing , just hydrate and you will be fine." well a few months later it happened again , I passed out , crashed and had injuries. I wonder if anyone can throw some light on this.
Sorry to hear that, but this forum isn't for medical advice. Please consult a doctor or medical professional.

Edit. I'm reopening the thread because it might still be helpful to talk about what is important to talk about to a medical professional, considering they may not be that familiar with issues related to cycling.

Direct medical advice in the form of "just do x" is not allowed and will still be deleted.
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I think the OP would benefit from suggestions about 'what to discuss' with a doctor.
e.g. exertion level, food, water, riding position (possible blood flow restriction?), overly tight helmet strap on neck, etc.
It appears that the OP's situation is strongly related to cycling, and a non-cycling doctor might not have experience with all the possibilities.
I would start by finding what was common to both episodes, for instance:
  • what was the temperature on both days
  • what did you eat prior and during the ride
  • what was your heart rate (this might be helpfull for the doctor)
  • were you doing a hard effort
  • how many water did you have
I would also avoid riding outside before seeing a doctor again. (And would also consider wearing a helmet if trainning indoors).
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