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people who look or have the same name as cyclists!

Ok, i was at home the other day, watching some tv when 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' came on. That is one fine show i have to say:D. But one thing i noticed was there was an actor called Thomas Dekker, so i spent all episode watching to see if Dekker would make an appearence (maybe shooting up:rolleyes: sorry couldnt help myself) but alas it didn't happen. So later i jumped on wikipedia and found out the main character John Connor was played by an actor also called Thomas Dekker, so to cut a long story short, i wanted to know if there were more people with the same names or even look the same as some professional cyclists. Posting some pictures or links would be helpful.

Here is a link to an article on cyclist Thomas Dekker being out of the Tdf but has a picture of the actor Thomas Dekker


They don't really look anything alike as shown in the article but have been mixed up. I believe they are both around the same age though.

So post away....
Jun 18, 2009
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A repost, I know.... but this still cracks me up! :D

DarkWing said:


does anybody else see the resemblance? lol