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Peter Pieters is the new Belgium track coach


Jun 16, 2009
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Published: August 8, 2010 2:48 p.m.

AMSTERDAM - Peter Pieters is the new coach of the Belgian track cyclists. The Director of the Belgian Cycling Federation (KBWB), Jos Smets, has announced.
Pieters has signed a contract until the end of 2012 with an option for another four years. He comes in September at the European championship under 23 years in St. Petersburg for the first time in action. Pieters follows the recently released operating on Michel.

Pieters was up to the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 coach of the Dutch track riders. In November of that year he was told that the KNWU not want him to continue. He then went to work in Poland. Polish Cycling Union went bankrupt and could not pay Peter. He was home again for some time.

"Good group of women '

I am therefore pleased''with a new challenge''light Sunday Pieters know. ''It's also nice and close, we speak the same language. Sporting terms, it is certainly interesting. There is a very good group of women and men is certainly talented.''

Pieters takes on the responsibility of the elite group for men and women. The main goal is to''Belgian riders to get to the Olympics. Though that the Olympic qualifying difficult for European countries, a difficult task. In August I will begin with the first training camps.''

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