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There are a few 10+ year old threads about phones, but I'll crank up a new one to ask about phone providers.

I've had Verizon for 12+ years and the price seems out of line to me. I'm paying $75 for two lines and 2GB of data, plus I just got an email notice that it will be going up $12 a month starting 8/1, so $87 a month (it was $45 for 3GB when I started). The big three are all trying to get rid of everything but unlimited.

I've been researching MVNOs. Mint, Google Fi, Visible Mobile, Consumer Cellular, US Cellular, Tello Mobile, Twigby, Ting Mobile, Criket, ...there are sooo many. I decided to narrow it down to MVNOs that utilize Verizon's network because it has the best coverage when I get out of town (they all cover Boise well). I've narrowed it down to Twigby because they are on V and I can build a plan for $15 an month per line. Easy math: $30 a month vs. $87 a month=$684 dollars less per year ($720 if I can get by on less data)!

Review of Twigby Anybody? Other MVNO? There are a lot of reviews on the www but who knows about them right? Tello sound really good too, but its T-Mobile (less out of town coverage).
I forgot about this (mini) thread.

I ended up going with US Mobile (on Verizon network) for $20.96 (inc. all taxes and fees) a month for two lines and 1 GB, (more GBs are $2 each, but I haven't need any more yet).

Saving $850 a year works for me!
Wow, didn't know mobile plans were so expensive in the US. In Europe the mobile coverage is so good that you would almost not need a phone number and just do your calls via online apps, so it's getting more about how many GBs you get for your money than how many minutes (most plans have unlimited minutes anyway).
I personally use prepaid plan in which I get 10GB for €10 which is more or less all I pay for...

In any case, having to pay €70-80 a month is just crazy! Glad that you sorted it out.
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