PN Podium Competition Stage 3

We aren't giving up! One of these days, one of you all will win!

We are trying to give away a Cervelo TestTeam musette bag and cap signed by the most famous German-Australian in the peloton, Heinrich Haussler.

The contest opens at 2 p.m (CET) and closes with 20km to go.

So: Pick the podium. In order. If we get desperate, we may take the top three in not the right order.

Rules: One pick per user.

No edits allowed. If you change your mind, delete your first posting and post again.

The first one with the right picks wins.

List the names in the order you think they will place.

Please put only your tips in this thread. Continue the race discussion in the appropriate thread.

Thanks, good luck, and this time -- maybe think outside the box a bit! Take a chance!

Mar 11, 2009
I'm going to be super boring and go with the same as yesterday