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Teams & Riders Pogačar as GOAT: already, never, or when?

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As of June 2024, can Pogacar be considered GOAT?

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There's at least 3 on here that either calls him it or keeps posting quotes from current or former riders about the topic (4 if you count RhD, although she didn't specify which of the UAE riders she meant).
Personally I dont find him the goat yet also not entertained in that in itself me personally, but clearly its alot of ppl who already does and talks about it in the media frequently, far more prolific cycling figures than us.

My point and my point only is, Pogacar is put on the pedestal already no matter how much anyone here argue over it, hes put there by his peers, not by me ,not us thats rather irrelevant in the bigger picture.

I agree tho, those saying he is the goat already its controversial cause well it is hes not there yet in terms of palmares alone and if you mean he is you have to draw the card of competition like ive seen many profiles in cycling do well then its a argument i get it but yeah im not part of that it can be debated forever these things my case and my case only, is he is on that pedestal alongside him (not saying he is GREATER than Merckx, cause honestly I personally dont think that either yet but fine if anyone do im not that into that.

Goat or not goat people doesnt matter so much, to me atleast, im one of those who also find that description rather pointless to a certain degree over the upper echelons of the greats no matter the sport it will always be hard since different eras etc but Froome, Contador, Gilbert, Boonen etc etc all the greats of this century noone was ever put on that pedestal even tho their all legends of the sports too, well pogacar has been put there already and if you argue that thats fine but he has im sorry - and not by me, not by you but by his peers already it is what it is. Just enjoy it.
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