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**** Pound blames UCI


Richard Pound said he complained for years to the UCI that the seven-time Tour de France winner and other cyclists were given advance notice of their drug tests and then allowed to go off unsupervised.
"It is not credible that they didn't know this was going on," Pound told AFP in an interview Friday. "I had been complaining to UCI for years."
Pound, who was head of WADA from 1999-2007, said drug testers would do tests on riders in the early-morning, hours before they had to appear for a competition.
"The race starts at 1 pm to 2 pm in afternoon and there are no tests prior to race to see if they are bumped up," he said, adding that after races, competitors had an unchaperoned hour before being tested.
"So then you go in and get saline solutions and other means of hiding the effects (of performance-enhancing drug) EPO and whatever else it is," he said.
"You have to say 'I wonder if it was designed not to be successful?'"
Jan 18, 2010
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Cycle Chic said:
Yet ANOTHER UCI thread...with 9 replies which shows it shouldnt have been allowed to run. This is a post / comment - not a thread starter.

Administrators do your job please !

I reckon its OK, the other ones don't start with a swear word anyway so this one must stay.