Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2011

May 6, 2009
Starts this weekend and I can't wait, except I will be in China during the race.
Here is the official website (in English)

The site is very well organised and presented, with the teams, start lists, stage profiles and bios on each stage's start and finish towns, plus much much more. Live on Eurosport as well, so what more could you ask for? This is fast becoming one of my favourite races, and our own Joe Papp won a stage here in in 2006 (before the s**t hit the fan to say the least). I also won this race with Baden Cooke on Saxo Bank in PCM 09:pm with JJ Haedo being absolutely useless at the same time.

Ryo, Hitch, Libertine etc., what can we expect from Café de Colombia?
roundabout said:
Petacchi, Greipel, Farrar, Guarnieri, Viviani, Haedo jr, Davis, Beletti, Modolo, Guardini etc.

Lots of interest to chase breaks down.
But enough bumps to make it interesting.

The layout of the stages seem similar to last year, no time trial this year however. A couple for the sprinters, a couple selective ones, and the rest could go either to the bunch or the attackers.

Although it's always a bit hard to work out with these profiles.

We might need to go with individual stage threads as this race should get quite a bit of attention.

No Moncoutie, no Visconti... doesn't look quite as enticing as last year. Androni are invited but not sending their A-Team. Go Colombia!
The only interesting stages are 3 and 4 looking at last year.

3 is likely to be difficult to win for sprinters at any rate and 4 was Highroad against ISD last year (Greipel still won the sprint behind the break). It is likely that Greipel is a better climber than an average sprinter however the course together with a deeper filed doesn't make it likely for an attacker to win if sprinter teams are interested in a sprint.
Mar 31, 2010
what is the parcours like? I reckon not too much since they start here with their b squad, so no atapuma, quintana (both have returned to colombia today), cano, chalapud etc.
Mar 19, 2009
Guardini wins?? great move, very strong I twittered him to win to Kirby but he didn't read it out, although he did say guardini would win after I posted it to him :S... very good from him, impressive win.
Sep 9, 2009
Just murdered everyone bar Cav, in the same way Cav murders everyone bar Cav.

Shame he's too young to take to the Giro, this lad is going to be very special.

Also, *CQ Dance*