R.I.P. Tony Doyle

RIP - nice obituary about him here
Jesus wept but Dineen really made that one be about him as much as Doyle.

He retired in 1995, aged 37, and turned his focus to the administrative side of the sport. Later that year he was elected president of British Cycling on a platform which, he said, would bring increased transparency to the executive. The ruling body was acutely political back then, however, and he resigned only months afterwards following a dispute with the board.

Doyle resigned following a dispute with the board? He was removed in what can be described only as a coup by board members after a few months following a very public disagreement, with allegations of corruption being tossed around the place. Why do many who write about British cycling have such a problem facing up to the facts of what happened here and instead try to bury it?

Also, I think Doyle's ardent support for Lance Armstrong, right up the the bitter end of the USADA judgement, really deserves a mention. It speaks volumes about the man and what he stood for.