Race thread: Olympics 2020/21 Tokyo, Men's Road Race, 234k

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I'm not sure you can say that a monument winner ha issues with the distance...
It's actually easy if you directly compare his results in monuments and classics of silimar nature that are only around the 200km mark. He tends to underperform in monuments compared to shorter one day races, especially if you actually pay attention to the context of how he won that monument.

His sprints falls off really hard after a hard race. He's perhaps the worst example of that.
The timing of this is excellent for us PST people...get to stay up until 1:30 on a Friday, drinking beer with no work in the morning. :cool:

First time I think I've said any of that for a big race.
Absolutely! I just posted somewhere else that it’s too bad Seattle doesn’t have some “cycling bars” the way we have “soccer bars” so I know I could go watch with a bunch of other cycling fans.
The guy's done the Copenhagen Six Days numerous times and has podiumed the last three editions of it and also won the three days race in Ballerup last year. But if you don't have much interest in track cycling you probably haven't heard of him, unless you remember his victory in Himmerland Rundt 8 years ago.
That addition of Himmerland was probably the best since 1968. ;)

If the racing schedule is brutal beforehand then it can happen. This time this is not the case. Unless they made any special agreement i feel that we will likely see both Slovenians going over the Mikuni together. Unless i guess Pogačar still feels the Tour in his legs a bit too much. In my opinion Team Slovenia is the team to beat in RR. Basically a dream team.

As for the basketball dream team. Here Team Slovenia will still likely at least try.
If either Pog or Rog don't win, I'd be somewhat surprised. I can see them both figuring in a final reduced bunch sprint. But the wild card is the heat. And it's a LONG race; so i could also see a "last man standing" situation where someone out of a group of 20 gets away and the remainder are too tired/disorganized to follow. But I have no idea who that rider might be.