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Ha ha, it can be, especially during the road season. However, if you're on Twitter, I'd give Cyclocross24 & Cyclocross Social a follow; they tend to report any news.

Will be interesting to see what happens with Hermans, who contract runs out at the end of the year. And what CX team will Kay & Riberolle ride for? The riders of Plantur-Pura ride Canyon & Stevens bikes, depending on which CX team they ride for. Both Kay & Riberolle have been riding Canyon bikes from what I can see. Will they be Alpecin riders?
Most of the guys left Tormans after the partnership switched from Intermarché - Wanty to Lefevere's team.

Verstrynge and Wyseure are already officially members of the Alpecin Fenix Devo Team since march and the rumors in February pointed for Hermans and Van Kessel to go the same way in the end of the year.

The four have the same agent.

Has the change between Intermarche and Quickstep been confirmed?
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Although this could go in the MTB section; looking at the entry lists for Albstadt, there are a large number of CX riders taking part this weekend in all categories.
Three current World Champions: Pidcock, Pieterse, Christian. Former World Champions: Ronhaar, Van Empel, Iserbyt. I haven't included PF-P or Richards as I count them as MTB-ers. And there are others, including Haverdings, Soete, etc

Great to see more trying MTB.
In news that isn't surprising, it seems the Tormans to Quick-Step isn't going to happen......

Mar 10, 2022
Hi guys. I am looking to subscribe somewhere to watch as much CX as possible in the new season. Can somebody recommend the best way to go about it? I am useless with technology so if somebody can puppy walk me through the basics I would be grateful. I am in England so at the moment am using the VPN to watch stuff on Tiz but much of it is a bit tedious with very little in the way of graphics and info on all but the top 3 or 4. As before any help is very welcome. PS When are the first CX races anywhere?
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