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Race Thread

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So Pauwels Sauzen have linked up with Soudal Quickstep and and AG Soudal which gives Leonie Bentveld and also it appears Viktor Vandenberghe the opportunity to ride for the teams respective devo teams. I wonder if this is a simple link for development or much further, such as Tim Merlier rides for the Sauces in the winter and whether the Sauces move to Specialized despite being with Ridley till 2026. As much as Ridley would probably like to be back in the World Tour it probably won't happen the other way as Specialized is a bigger brand and is with at least the men's team until 2027.

Trek to end their title sponsorship, but will continue to supply the team's bikes. I don't think it's a huge surprise...The recent news of making cuts, and CX is the least important of their disicplines
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Joris Nieuwenhuis out of Baloise Trek.

"Logically, a number of riders also hope for an improved contract for the future. Understandable, but unfortunately it is not feasible for the team and the budget to go along with all these increases. We want to be a team that can score from the width in the near future." from google translate - team press release

Not many options left for him, will Pauwels Sauzen have budget for him or will he be another piece in the Roodhooft's chess board?