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Aug 1, 2021
Hi Guys,

I'm an ex-runner who is looking to start time trialling on the bike.

I've got a quick question regarding weight. I've always heard that for cycling it's better to be lighter. However, is this the case for time trialists?

I've always been light, but at 49 kg (177 cm) is it possible that more weight would benefit my time trial performance as I'd be able to generate more power?

Aug 25, 2020
If you want to focus on flat time trials, it would probably worth getting yourself a good training programme that includes plenty of weight training strength work over the winter along with base training and then just maintain that as your programme moves into more specific training, alternatively aim for hilly events?

To add to that make sure you do a proper power profile (you are using a power meter?) so that you know where your strengths and weaknesses are and then work your programme for that. Only experience will tell you what your ideal race weight is, so monitor all your training and record each ride on software such as Golden Cheetah (free) or WKO (not free) both have a learning curve but well worth it, record your weight on this as well and over time you will build up a picture of your performance and how eight affects it to a certain point.
Looking at the numbers you gave us 49kg at 177cm is a BMI of 15.64. That's very low for a female and getting dangerous for a male. BMI isn't a perfect scale but it's much better than many people want to accept.

For comparison, Tadej Pogacar is your height and around 65kg.

At your listed height and weight, if you are serious about competing and your long term health I would be keeping an accurate food and training diary, recording all sessions, daily food intake and seeing a sports nutritionist to determine how much you really should be eating to maintain a healthy weight for you and your lifestyle.
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Drop that plan with TTs and do races which include proper climbing. With 49kg you just need a modest FTP of 300 Watts and you are over 6W/kg-pro level! Even if your FTP just gets to 200 Watts (I have that untrained at 173cm-70kg) , its still more than 4W/kg and even that would already be decent hobby cyclist level.



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