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Radioshack/Leipheimer TOC article headline

Although Leipheimer is aiming to win his 4th TOC, none of the previous 3 were won with Radioshack. This makes the headline of the this article in my view highly inaccurate.

'Leipheimer confident that RadioShack can win a fourth Amgen Tour of California'

it needs to be Leipheimer confident that RadioShack can HELP HIM win HIS fourth Amgen Tour of California or something similar



Mar 11, 2009
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I found the whole article a bit trollish lol.

C'mon, the sub headline = "American looking forward to Mount Baldy mountain finish
Enough with the bald jokes already.

And how about "with podium places at both the Vuelta a Espana and the Tour de France. However, he ranks his three Amgen Tour of California victories as his biggest career achievements".
That just begs for the standard "4th Grand Tour" discussion lol.