Radioshack-Leopard Trek

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Forunculo said:
Yeah I guess you was thinking of that but I think nowadays (specialist era) it's mean more the 3GT but it's depend.;)
No triple crown is still Giro Tour Worlds;)

Maybe someday Giro Tour Vuelta but definitely not atm.

will10 said:
Is it any wonder, in a team that has Schleck, Schleck, Cancellara, Horner, Kloden, and Bennati?
From what he heard today it seems he will be their leader for all hilly classics.
Jul 25, 2011
mewmewmew13 said:
drat! missed it all.
Did Fabu look very happy? In the photo gallery he sure did not.

lol 'Pappy' looks perfect in his cardigan. :D

What kind of a year is it going to be....?
Difficult to say, I think he was "professional"
Feb 15, 2011
hrotha said:
Seriously, how can you not laugh at this team and everything it stands for?
A challenge, I like it!

I can come up with a scenario for you.

Both your parents die in a car crash happening right in front of you. A piece of glass flies by and cuts of your left testicle (your favorite).

While you bend over to pick up the fallen testicle, you are assaulted from behind by Tom Cruise standing on a wooden crate. He whispers something in your ear about an anal probe.

While Tom is still doing his thing, Ronan Keating approaches you. He's wearing Rojas' national champ jersey. Only the jersey.

He asks you about RadioShack Nissan Trek.
Mar 31, 2010
The Hitch said:
lol Horner has won the "American version of the Tour de France" apparently.

He says "nothing is quite like the Tour, but TOC is just below it"
there goes any credibility that chris horner had


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