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Rate the 2020 Tour de France

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I gave this one a 7. TJV's control of many stages was reminiscent of the Sky train, but the difference here is that TJV did not have a lead rider who could do what Froome would do, which was effectively end speculation about the win after the first hard mountain stage. Thus, the outcome was not certain even after Stage 17, although I, like many others, did think that Roglic had done enough at that point to secure the win. The eye-popping stage 20 time trial was something. I've never seen anything quite like it. It was incredible. It was so incredible that I actually have mixed feelings about it--this, despite Pogacar's being one of my favorite riders. This is the first year since 2011 when Sky/Ineos did not dominate the Tour (except in 2014 when Froome crashed out), and by "dominate" I mean leave no doubt about the GC outcome (though 2019 did carry the suspense longer than usual). I take this changing of the guard as a positive (just a subjective preference). The green jersey battle was something new. As always, there were some great individual performances by guys outside the GC competition. Marc Hirschi alone added a point or two to my rating.
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5, maybe 6?

Decent Tour overall, but it sucked that the one time Ineos really got contested, they didnt show up themselves. Unfortunately Jumbo and Rogla has the perfect setup and characteristics to race in a very conservative way due to his strengths, so that was kinda unfortunate for this Tour's harder stages which for the most part was a letdown. The intermediate stages were some of the best in a long time I feel, I really enjoyed that and I haven't been as hyped since Valverde won Worlds when Pogacar pulled that stunt off yesterday.
Thank god we had Carapaz, Kämna, Hirschi... because we needed a few riders to step up since De Gendt, Alaphilippe etc weren't having their best edition.

I gave it a 6. Maybe it would have been better had Ineos/Bernal been there to rival Jumbo, but as it happened, it was the same *** with a different team. Only this time the team leader wasn't strong enough to finish the job.

Too bad we didn't get the epic battle we hoped for due to circumstances. The Colombians undercooked due to Covid, Buchmann crashing before it even started, Kruijswijk too, Bardet crashing, Pinot... I mean, the list seemed endless of all the big names that were going to compete for GC. And in the end it was underwhelming.
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I gave it an 8 but I know that is likely bias based on results rather than racing. But in the interest in fairness I gave it the following points
2 points: Ritchie got through stage 9
2 points: Ritchie finished
2 points: Ritchie on the podium
and 1 point for each of Ewan's stage wins

I'll have to think back on the tour once the LRP factor fades but for me other than the nationalist pros I enjoyed:
Cosnefroy and some actual interest in the KOM jersey
The fight for green being close, although would have been better without the relegation (Not saying it was incorrect). The early int sprints really added some spice to the start of stages
Sep 21, 2020
First time poster, long time admirer of your collective knowledge. Thank you; I have learned, and, no doubt will continue to learn, a lot. I gave it a 4. Without the Green Jersey shenanigans, which kept it alive, this was sub-Sky dull. Nothing really happened GC wise. Pogacar is an amazing talent, but to win it while doing next to nothing, with no GC excitement, on a TT, is not doing it for me.

On the bright side I greatly enjoyed Hirschi, and the unleashed Carapaz. (I remain furloughed, so I saw every minute (aside from Carlton Kirby (whom I genuinely enjoy (try doing that for three hours at a time) induced dozes)).
First time poster, long time admirer of your collective knowledge. Thank you; I have learned, and, no doubt will continue to learn, a lot. I gave it a 4. Without the Green Jersey shenanigans, which kept it alive, this was sub-Sky dull. Nothing really happened GC wise. Pogacar is an amazing talent, but to win it while doing next to nothing, with no GC excitement, on a TT, is not doing it for me.

On the bright side I greatly enjoyed Hirschi, and the unleashed Carapaz. (I remain furloughed, so I saw every minute (aside from Carlton Kirby (whom I genuinely enjoy (try doing that for three hours at a time) induced dozes)).
Welcome. Your negative attitude will feel right at home here :laughing:
Entertainment of the race: 7
Entertainment of the forum: 9

You guys were the real stars of the show. Including:

Red Rick – For falling unexpectantly, just a little in love with Richie Porte, and for somehow rating a race an 8 that included PDBF, and that did not include the Shark of Messina.

Bob A Feet – For stumbling upon a potential new crashing technique that requires the use of a third leg, and for identifying Mikel Landa as a cuddly creature that is wild and free.

Red Head Dane – For her posts of spontaneous silliness, that can never hide a deep knowledge of our sport.

Libertine Seguros – For Stage 6 and Sepp Kuss.

Roll The Dice – For being as cool as his profile pic.

Tobydawg – For being fully sick….ard.

Blue Roads – For her posts of both a childish curiosity and subtle sense of humour, and for pointing out the security of Tony Martin and the excitement of Julian Alafulleap, both on and off the bike.

Gigs 98 – For not watching the entire race, and for overrating….Dumoulin.

Koronin – For her unconditional love of Alejandro Valverde; without members like her this place would be overrun by Nibali fans.

Shadow 93 – For a shared love interest.

Geister Home – For his profile pic.

Tonton – For keeping her/his (sorry not sure) head held high despite what happened to Pinot.

Vino’s Mum – For correctly identifying Fabio Aru as one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters.

Eclipse – For believing in Nibali.

DFA 123 – For believing in Pogacar.

Sandisfan – For being a great fan of so many of us.

And to whoever it was that spotted Sam Bennett not only when he turned the colour of green, but when he turned the colour of pink.

P.S. I will probably add to this post later.
Sep 21, 2020
Welcome. Your negative attitude will feel right at home here :laughing:
Apologies. I did not wish to seem negative. I have seen better bike races. We all have, I hope. The TT was glorious; the rest - not so much. Having watched every minute, I greatly enjoyed Sam Bennett deciding that maybe Peter Sagan is not going to win the Green Jersey; and maybe I can do something about that. About time someone did. And he did.
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Overall rating without TT - 6
1) Greatest Green Jersey battle in maybe a decade or more. Bora vs DQS ,Sagan vs Bennett 2) Breakaways - Some epic breakaways especially by Marc Hirshi 3) Stage 789 & 17 4) Pogachar, WVA, Marc Hirshi
1) Safety - Stage 1, Bardet- Absolutely atrocious 2) Jumbo Visma - Throttling the race and with 3-4 JVs in the final climb, no contender dared to attack 3) no other realistic contender other than Pogachar and none of them even tried. All were in Uranesque mode 4) A number of Mountain Stages did not result in a GC shakeup. 5) Mountains Jersey Battle 6) Stages with <2 rider breakaway

The final TT is an outlier. For some it is like 1989 one of the greatest. For others it is alien, too much of a good thing. After all a GT is supposed to be entertaining throughout not just one stage. So i have not considered it in my rating
I gave it a 7.
It was a solid GT, with a lot of entertaining breakaway stages, an unexpectedly tight battle for the green jersey and a stunning final ITT.

The GC fight was very dull but unfortunately this is the standard for the Tour de France and I kinda get used to it.
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Gave it a 7. Maybe worth an 8 but one good TT does not change the preceding 19 stages. This is actually pretty good for a TdF. Usually with all the boring sprint stages and Skyneos suffocation it would only earn 5 or so from me.

Pogacar amazing and with no team to hide behind compared to for example Thomas in 2018. Really did a good job of using JV to his advantage. The energy he saved showed in that TT.

I think it’s noteworthy that domination by JV was still far more exciting than for example 2012 and 2018 snoozefests for anyone not a parochial Brit.
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Voted 7. Missed maybe a few more higher mountains, had more expectations for the opening weekend, didn’t like the Visma train. Pyrenees stages could better. But liked the variety of terrain very much, good twist at the end with the timetrial, superb winner.
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I gave it an 8 which on reflection was 1 more than it should have got.

Stage 1 was dire and set the tone for some poor opening stages. Stage 7-9 were all brilliant and Marc Hirschi was man of the tour for me.

Disappointing to see Bardet and Quintana effectively taken out by the crash on the Puy Mary stage. Bardet was quietly having a good tour till then. Lyon stage was brilliant, Grand Colombier was dire and the Alps were the Alps, but Kwiatkowski's stage was another fun one.

The time trial, we'll just have to see how that gets backed up.
Gave it a 5.

I think stage 1 put a bit of a dampener on the race putting a few riders out of action early on. A few exciting stages can't quite make up for the boredom of the rest so I went in the middle. The way Roglic looked coming up to the finish of his ITT looking like me on a cat 6 climb made my day.
6, and then I'm being generous.

The Pyrenees were great, but the Alps were really disappointing save for the last few kms on Loze. Could have been much better if not several of the potentially most aggressive riders were injured or subpar performers, especially Pinot and Bernal.
It's genuinely impossible to rate this tour without having seen the TT. It's the only thing this is gonna be remembered for but then it's going to be remembered for a long, long time. History will be nice to this race
Basically more extreme version of the 2011 Tour I reckon.

Because of one performance on the worst part of the race design it wil all be seen as a resounding success.
It's only the 30th GT I could entirely watch the live coverage of. And never in the previous 29 I felt that I wasted evening hours watching every mountain stages, I could have done many other rewarding activities. And I consider myself easy to please when it came to watching pro-cycling.
I thought it happenned before, in the 2nd tour I entirely follow, 2012, I remember being annoyed by every crucial GC 'action', except when the ultra superdom lost his back wheel's baggage and acted confused at one point, it kinda happenned again once this year, except that this time he didn't sit 2nd on GC so it had no additional entertaininment value.
But then I realized I spent 21 evenings with the whole thing, and remembered that I had above-average enthusiasm towards it for several reasons: big time cycling was back, no exhilarating classic seasons and Giro preceding it to make me think "on to the boring one", no clear favorite and a lot of fresh faces, maybe the new era had begun etc..
Well, it turned out to be the new train company taking over, but only for several evenings, and only as far as the GC action went, the rests of them I had to admit it wasn't bad at all, including when the train all-round locomotive went on its own. The sprints action weren't worse than usual, the breakaways - early or late - were often fun, the secondary jerseys competitions were not so meaningless. 2012 had less redeeming evening, yet when it did, it also often had Sagan in it, on the other end of his time.

I would give it a 6 for being a bit more than half entertaining, but then in the end it's all about yellow jersey, no action in it and it should lose 2 points, then 4. But what was that stage 20 if not the ultimate yellow jersey thrill? Then it got its 2 points back.

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Jul 3, 2018
Rated this a 7. Decent but not overly exciting, aside from the ITT and a few breakaways. I watched every stage and looked forward to the next day.

As in every Tour, the crashes in stage 1 and throughout the early stages dampened some of the excitement. The GC battle was predictable by the 3rd week, and could have benefitted from Pinot, Bernal, Quintana, and maybe Bardet. Also, Sagan and Alaphilippe fell flat.

Genuinely curious. From the people that rated this Tour low, given the riders and route, what would have made this a 10? For me, Roglic neither looked challenged or dominant. He just rode strong and controlled the GC. Aside from Pogacar gaining 40 seconds or MAL predictably attacking, no one really put up much of a fight. Everyone rode at a high level but weren't willing to make a challenge, so the GC stages were about waiting to see who slipped out the back.When I think of a great GC battle, it's a few close riders trading blows day after day until the strongest or craftiest emerges the winner. When a top 10 is considered a great achievement, you get a tier of riders who give up the desire to win and just try to hang on as long as possible, and that makes for a dull event.
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I am not sure why this Tour is considered by some to be a lesser, or even more back ended version of the 2011 Tour. I mean, I know why they are, but I thought that the Pyrenees were good this year? Actually I would suggest that they bordered on very good. From memory they were certainly far more interesting to watch than the Pyrenean stages in 2011, even if in the end, the time gaps also were not particularly large. When you also consider that stage 7 was fascinating, that means that we had 3 interesting GC stages in a row, in the first half of the race. I don't recall any interesting - GC - stages in the first two weeks of the 2011 Tour, unless you call contenders crashing out interesting.
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