Realistic chances of getting to the TdF over the coming weekends

Jul 20, 2011
Hi All,

I happen to be living in London at the moment (usually in Aus) and had hoped to jump across to see the TdF this year (will prob have returned home by next year's race). I had intended to spend a few days in France, likely early next week, but work commitments have unfortunately put pay to that idea.

So... I now only have weekends available! Which leaves a couple of Pyranees stages this weekend, Mount Ventoux next weekend, and of course the Paris finale (although would prefer to see some countryside and mountainside action). Not necessarily after a mountain top (would be taking my wife so we'll just go as far as we can walk and get good views of the riders), although midway up a slope would be nice.

My preference would be this weekend, but at such short notice, I really have no idea how to plan a trip into the Pyranees. Which airports are best? What slopes are most accessible and most likely to reflect the true race position? Are there trains? Are there special buses of some description? Or is the only option car + walk or car + cycle? How do the locals do it?

Mount Ventoux seems quite plausible also (although had kind of earmarked that weekend to go the British Golf Open - but would prioritise the TdF if I have to). Would be happy to get to the lower or mid slopes of Ventoux.

I'm in the throws of some serious research, which I'm happy to share as it matures, but just thought I'd see if anyone had at least enough info to get me over the first hurdle.

Thanks in advance!
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