RedheadDane's Pro Cycling Christmas Calendar - 2nd Edition

Remember my Christmas cycling calendar last year? Well, this year it's back, with a few updates:

  1. It's a 2-in-1 now, with a women's version as well.
  2. The rule about only one entrance per rider is no longer in function. This is my cycling Christmas calendar, and I will be biased! Also, some races just have to be included.
  3. For the women, it won't be WWT races only, as I simply couldn't find races corresponding with every date.

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This also means that in some cases it should be quite easy to guess what the day's entrance(s) are gonna be. Today is a bonus, hence why there's only one for the men.
Also, forgot to mention, because I've had to move quite a few levels down for some of the women's entrances those races might not have had any sort of coverage, and I... really don't know what I'm gonna do those days...
I forgot to post this little bonus yesterday. A picture of chaos!

When was I shutting down?

I know you were thinking about making some "funny" comment about my supposed "fear of numbers", don't lie!
Funny thing is, I actually recall thinking that the "Cobbled Chaos Day" was definitely one of those days that had to be in calendar, but then I saw what was supposedly today's entrance, I thought it was simply a case of "making a difficult choice", and SB winning out.
Hey, at least it means the "Bonus Picture" got posted on the right day! :D
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