RedheadDane's Pro Cycling Christmas Calendar - 2nd Edition

Remember my Christmas cycling calendar last year? Well, this year it's back, with a few updates:

  1. It's a 2-in-1 now, with a women's version as well.
  2. The rule about only one entrance per rider is no longer in function. This is my cycling Christmas calendar, and I will be biased! Also, some races just have to be included.
  3. For the women, it won't be WWT races only, as I simply couldn't find races corresponding with every date.
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This also means that in some cases it should be quite easy to guess what the day's entrance(s) are gonna be. Today is a bonus, hence why there's only one for the men.
Also, forgot to mention, because I've had to move quite a few levels down for some of the women's entrances those races might not have had any sort of coverage, and I... really don't know what I'm gonna do those days...
When was I shutting down?
I know you were thinking about making some "funny" comment about my supposed "fear of numbers", don't lie!
Funny thing is, I actually recall thinking that the "Cobbled Chaos Day" was definitely one of those days that had to be in calendar, but then I saw what was supposedly today's entrance, I thought it was simply a case of "making a difficult choice", and SB winning out.
Hey, at least it means the "Bonus Picture" got posted on the right day! :D
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