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Remco vs Roglic

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Who do you dis more, Remco or Roglic?

  • Remco

    Votes: 10 15.9%
  • Roglic

    Votes: 8 12.7%
  • In this namby pamby PC world, I love both riders, but I hope Remco pummels the guts out of Roglic.

    Votes: 10 15.9%
  • I'm cheering for Roglic, something about that ski background and the smile just touches me.

    Votes: 23 36.5%
  • Vin(g)o option: irrelevant, bring on the tour

    Votes: 10 15.9%
  • Because of fundamentalist fanaticism, I’m rooting for Caruso

    Votes: 2 3.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Rogla has it in the contract, season 2024, only compete against Jonas. That is on why he wasn't in the mood at PN, as for Remco i don't know. Likely he made the switch at PN and considering he is ahead of Jonas, likely it makes sense to target Jonas, but you never know.