Revelation(s) 2019

Nov 22, 2016
As the season is almost ended we are already looking forward to next season. :razz:

Who will blast us away next year and will be a revelation of the 2019?

RedheadDane said:
Surely the big revelations are going to be riders we've never heard about.
If we're talking about them, then they've already been revealed to some extend. :p
If we are talking about WT riders, I'm sure many of us- hardcore fans, have heard about more than 90% of them.

Therefore it's possible to pinpoint riders who we expect to exceed expectations. Of course, the biggest revelations are those who nobody expected to do well but I'm sure every rider in WT have at least a few people in the world who believe they are going to do well so it's kind of impossible to find such riders. If you're in a minority of believeing that a rider is going to reach a certain level in 2019, that's already good enough IMO.

I'm curious to see what Julius van den Berg can do. There is not much talking about him but he has taken plenty of wins at U23/conti level this year and already proven he can be an interesting breakaway rider narrowly missing a stage win at his WT debut in Binck Bank Tour this year.
Hard to say. A revelation is somebody you won't expect 1-2-3. So that would be pure gut feeling and not many must see it coming (eg not much previous results).

If I have to say somebody I'm interested to see what Mike Teunissen can do at Jumbo in a more free role



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