Riis' Pieces

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Oct 8, 2010

Boy, you gotta wonder about Riis. First the guy says he believes Contador's clenbuterol came from bad meat but conveniently says nothing about the plasticizers.

Riis is a guy who also accepted Frank Schleck's pathetic excuse of "training advice" after he paid a gynecologist $10,000 who turned out to be the mastermind of Operacion Puerto. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that picture, Bjarne.

Now you got Riis thinking that the UCI is going to give Contador a free pass when everybody knows that is not going to happen - except for apparently Riis.

Riis is falling to pieces.
Jul 22, 2009
You couldn't resist another thread. I don't blame you, the title is clever.
Frank Schleck is obviously a doper. I dont see how his brother can be clean. I have suspicions about a guy who wins any tt or cobbled race he feels like, by minutes. Then theres Riis winning the Tour with Sastre in a year when climbers going at slower paces were caught doped to the gills.

And we all know Bjarne doped.
Boy, you gotta wonder about Riis... Riis is falling to pieces.
I agree, it sure looks that way. But you gotta remember, Riis is only listening to one side of the story... Clentador's. He has to show support for the guy he just signed up. And so he's going public with statements like this in hopes the powers will allow AC to race. I don't think Riis has lost his mind.

Also, what's taken place with Riis (or anyone in the future in his position) is fallout from the new testing introduced incognito this season (e.g. the plasticizer test). Who ever woulda thunk in July that a test like the one for plasticizer would be used. As long as new tests like these keep popping up we are going to see some people caught with their pants down.
What a clown, but I guess he can't say anything else, given the situation he's in.

Personally I'd prefer it if Contador got banned for two years, Riis' team went down the gurgler and he was lost to the sport for good. You might as well run a systematic doping program (which he has no doubt done in the past) if you're going to come out and make comments like this.
Aug 11, 2009
Ferminal said:
What a clown
Yeah, some clown. After all these years, he's still standing and succeeding. Survived his own drug scandals. Survived the Basso/Puerto debacle. Made it through the Frank Schleck/Fuentes payments scandal unscathed. Lost the Tour number two man, the majority of his sponsorship dollars, and most of his riders--only to turn around and sign the most successful current GT rider.

Feel free to hate on Riis for being dirty, if that's your game. But, the guy's definitely no clown.
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