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Road Rage in Jacksonville, Fl

Just wow.

This has been an insane day for cyclists vs. motorists. Luís León Sánchez struck, no major injuries but shock. Sebastian Rosseler hit, contusion and broken wrist. Marina Romoli hit, nine hour operation to rebuild her face, spinal injuries and all told, lucky to survive.

And now drivers stabbing cyclists.

Insane. I am speechless.
Reading the comments to that article makes me despair for humanity. I simply do not understand why American culture has so much hatred and contempt for bicyclists. The excuse that "some bike riders are idiots" simply does not even come close to explaining the issue. We (probably) all drive cars and we are all well aware that there statistically more idiots and bad drivers out there in cars simply because there are far more cars on the road. And yet for whatever reason many if not most Americans seem to believe that violence against bicyclists is justified by their mere presence on the road. It honestly makes no sense whatsoever and is yet another example of a culture in decline.