Roc d'Azur - 5 to 9 October 2016

This is probably the most renowned MTB event in France.

I don't really know it that well, so feel free to correct me if I missed a thing. I'll still make an attempt at a preview

It was created in 1984 around Ramatuelle on the French Riviera by Stéphane Hauvette with the design by Jean-Pierre Timmermans and was owned by the French Federation until bought over by Sportys in 2000.

Sadly by 2011 following a decision of the Tribunal of Commerce, Sportys is bought over by ASO who thus organises the event.

Last year Tim Wellens raced the Sunday event and came in the spotlight but two punctures annihilated his chances.

This year he's racing the Friday and the Sunday events, apparently but unfortunately he's not in his 2015 shape.

About 400 participants are racing it every year said Tim Wellens last year. I guess he's strictly referring to the Sunday race because the off website refers to 5,000 participants !!

The programme for the event can be seen here:

The Roc Trophy starts on Thursday for 4 stages. Here are the profiles:

None available for the Saturday stage

The Roc d'Azur itself is the final stage which can be raced as a single-day event (if I get it right ???).

Here's the palmares:

2015 Victor Koretzky (FRA) Julie Bresset (FRA)
2014 Jordan Sarrou (FRA) Margot Moschetti (FRA)
2013 Miguel Martinez (FRA) Elisabeth Osl (AUT)
2012 Stéphane Tempier (FRA) Anna Szafraniec (POL)
2011 Moriz Milatz (ALL) Maja Wloszczowska (POL)
2010 Alban Lakata (AUT) Maja Wloszczowska (POL)
2009 Roel Paulissen (BEL) Aleksandra Dawidowicz (POL)
2008 Roel Paulissen (BEL) Elisabeth Osl (AUT)
2007 Jean-Christophe Peraud (FRA) Henzi Petra (SUI)
2006 Christoph Sauser (SUI) Alison Sydor (CAN)
2005 Christoph Sauser (SUI) Maryline Salvetat (FRA)
2004 Miguel Martinez (FRA) Alison Sydor (CAN)
2003 Jean-Christophe Peraud (FRA) Alison Sydor (CAN)
2002 Peter Pouly (FRA) Laurence Leboucher (FRA)
2001 Thomas Dietsch (FRA) Laurence Leboucher (FRA)
2000 Thomas Dietsch (FRA) Chantal Daucourt (SUI)
1999 Christophe Dupouey (FRA) Laurence Leboucher (FRA)
1998 Christophe Dupouey (FRA) Laurence Leboucher (FRA)
1997 Miguel Martinez (FRA) Gunn Rita Dahle (NOR)
1996 Christophe Manin (FRA) Gunn Rita Dahle (NOR)
1995 Bart Brentjens (HOL) Sophie Eglin (FRA)
1994 Jean-Christophe Savignoni (FRA) Sophie Eglin (FRA)
1993 Bruno Lebras (FRA) Sylvia Furst (SUI)
1992 Tim Gould (GBR) Eva Orvosova (SLQ)
1991 Tim Gould (GBR) Eva Orvosova (SLQ)
1990 Bruno Lebras (FRA) Sylvia Furst (SUI)
1989 Olaf Candau (FRA) Nathalie Ségura (FRA)
1988 Patrice Thévenard (FRA)
1987 Eric Chanton (FRA)
1986 Jean-Pierre Morel (FRA)
1985 Alain Dallenbach
1984 Larbi Midoune
Sébastien Carabin is leader after the first day. :cool

The Walloon guy from Andrimont beat Sonke Wegner +57" and Régis Ruchaud +1'26"

The route was fast. In the long 8-10km climb, I pushed a little bit and immediately isolated myself. I then dosed my effort to finish with a small margin. [This Friday] will be harder. Serious matters will kick off but I'm confident smiling)

vertical gains for each day:

350m on Thursday
2,260m on Friday
750m on Saturday
1350m on Sunday the queen stage of the event.

(Article from "L'Avenir", today) :)


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