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Rock Racing Connection

Jan 5, 2010
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Rock Racing/USPS Doping Investigation

I am posting a question to get some clarification from the heavy hitters out there that know what’s happening on the doping front. I heard something over the weekend and I tried to corroborate it, but found little on the internet concerning it.

What I heard is that Fred Rodriguez and Michael Ball had a huge falling out at some point during the course of last season. Ball supposedly said some derogatory things about Fred to the press and indicated he wasn’t a “team player” and no one on the team would ride with him. I did find a couple of thing to support the latter. However, what I heard is that Rodriguez is some how tied into this investigation, does anyone know if this is true and do they have any information to corroborate this? Is Fred still riding or retired? I couldn’t find anything to confirm his current status either way.


Aug 17, 2009
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NashbarShorts said:
Ball-sack seems like a really honest guy, so although I have no add'l. information, I'm gonna take what he says as gospel. :p

i know both parties really well but canot comment due to omerta umm lack o memory hey i wasnt there really