Roger Federer - cycling star?

Federer’s metrics are superhuman. If Peloton numbers don’t mean anything to you, rest assured that 45 minutes at an average 89% resistance requires otherworldly stamina: it’s basically an aggressive uphill climb for 20 miles straight. And that 15th-place finish pictured above is a big deal. Once you get into the top 100, you’re fighting off former professional cyclists, middle-aged Tough Mudder-types who love a stationary bike more than their own kin and actual robots — some people have hacked their bikes to cruise to the top of the leaderboard.
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Interesting. The article has him averaging 330w for a 45 min interval session, if that includes a warmup and cool down his ftp would be around the same, maybe higher. So at least an FTP of 4.2 W/kg.

That makes him a very decent masters racer.
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